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Welcome to the internet-presence of me, Ursula Sieg, and my work.

For 25 years I've now been a Lutheran Protestant Pastor in the north of Germany. My career began with the typical Pastor’s duty of community work, which I highly enjoyed. In the early nineties I involved myself in the more conceptual part of it, at the Pedagogical-Theological Institut of the Northern Evangelical-Lutheran Church, where I became a lecturer for further teacher training for religious education at primary-schools. Seeing the problems that

 arose from the lack of mutual understanding between the different religions I played an active role in interreligious dialog which lead to many fruitful collaborations and interactions. As team we established “religious education for all children” in schools in Hamburg. Another success was the project “Do you know who I am?” for peaceful communal life in 2004. (For a complete list see “publications” on this website.) I resumed community work in Schleswig-Holstein, integrating the

 experience from my previous efforts by taking responsibility for school institution’s and church relations.